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Writer's Block: Name your talent

I would want to be able to stop time any time i wanted to, like on that movie clockstoppers. that would be so awesome. if you were running late or something or didn't get enough sleep the night before, you could just snap your fingers or something and pause everything.

Just for the heck of it

Well, I'm just gonna say, for anyone who's reading this, that I'm a totally boring person, so this blog may not be winning any awards this year. Actually, I have lots of stories & such, but I always think, "I'm not gonna write that. Who cares? Nobody wants to hear/read the ramblings of some person they don't know!" So, my only posts are responses to the writer's block thing & I'm sure nobody reads those, just like they won't read this, but that's ok. In other news, I'm thinking of starting a book blog, so stay tuned = )


Writer's Block: Bucket list

If you found out you only had six months left to live, what would you do with the rest of your life? Do you have a "bucket list"?

I would say good-bye to my family & friends, and tell them I loved them. I would give away all my stuff to people who need it, and try to do a few things with my best friends on our joint bucket list. Also, I would tell "this guy" that I've had a thing for him for about 3 years. (Love is too strong a word, but like is to general, so I'll just say I have a "thing" for him). And to finish answering the question, yes, I have a bucket list. Me & my 3 closest friends got together one night & started writing a bucket list. It kept getting longer & longer, and we keep adding on, but we haven't done many things on it yet.

Writer's Block: Chatty

Talking is easier if you're planning on having a long conversation or one where you're going to tell a story. Also, if you're actually talking to the person, you get the emotions too. But texting is easier if you don't really want to talk to the person, but you have to ask them a question. Or if you're at school, then obviously texting is the way to go. So, I like both for different reasons, but texting usually wins out for me.

Writer's Block: Dream Job

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
If I could have any job in the world, I would probably either be the person who makes the new ice cream flavors or the person who taste tests new ice creams. That would be majorly cool. Hopefully it would pay enough for a gym membership haha. Also, am I the only person who wonders what they do with all the things from the Food Challenges on Food Network?? Surely they don't just throw those massively amazing creations away, right?!?! If they do, I would definitely want to be the person who gets to try those out. Those would both be really fun. But seriously, I think I'd like to have a job where I could help people. Even if it's something small, I would like to know I helped someone, and maybe even get to share my faith in God with them. That would truely be the perfect job.

Oct. 12th, 2008

So I'm sitting here, looking up random people so I can look at icons LJ-ers have made of them. One person was Taylor Swift & I'm like "Dude why can't it be that the pretty gene got spread around so we're all just average looking. That way we would all be average, instead of some people below average (me) & some people above average (not me)." lol I guess then it would be "a boring world" like people always say. Anyways just a random thought.